3 alternative therapies for a migraine

A migraine can be debilitating, and it is the third most common disease in the world. More than just a headache, a migraine often leaves sufferers with visual disturbances and fatigue. Visiting a GP and exploring medication options is highly advised, but for those who need something extra, there are some wonderful alternative therapies too. With a migraine, there is no right answer to suit everybody, but with plenty of options available you can try and find something that works for you. Here are three alternative therapies to consider.

1. Acupuncture

The Chinese have used acupuncture for decades, for various ailments. It has long been considered an option for migraine treatment and many success stories exist, revealing temporary and even long-term relief from migraine pain. The needles are painless and often work to relieve pressure in tense areas.

2. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy highlights the wonder of essential oils, and the benefits they can offer. The soothing smells help the body to relax, which can reduce head pain by reducing tension and stress. The oils can be massaged into the temples, creating a soothing effect. You can experience aromatherapy sessions with a professional, who will find the oils that work best for you.

3. Diet changes

Changing or adjusting your diet can work wonder for migraines. Some people find that migraines are triggered or made worse by certain foods. This can be everything from dairy products, to gluten, to sweeteners and unnatural sugars. It is different for everybody and often requires some trials to figure out the exact cause. Even if food isn’t a trigger for you, eating a more well-balanced diet can improve your health and therefore your migraines too. Speak to a dietitian or nutritionist for help on finding the diet that suits you best.

There are hundreds of wonderful therapies available, with plenty in place to improve health and help with pain issues. See the full, extensive directory at Healthypages to find therapists near you.

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