Swedish Body Massage in Weaverthorpe - YO17

Weaverthorpe is a village and civil parish in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, England. It is 13 miles from Scarborough. Weaverthorpe was listed as being in the wapentake of Buckrose. Gypsey Race beck runs alongside the main street. Bronze Age settlements have been found at nearby Cowlam. There was a vill on the site in the period of Viking/Norse settlement when it was known as Wifertorp. The village's name is linked to a certain Vidhfari, anglicized in Wivar. In the Domesday Book there is a mention of Wiveretorp in 1110. Same male's name as in Wiverton and in the Vierville, Virville and Viertot of Normandy. After the Norman conquest it was held by the Archbishop of York under Michael FitzHerbert. In the 12th century the church of St. Andrew was granted to Nostell Priory until 1268. Wikipedia

Did You Know

The word ‘massage’ comes from the French ‘friction of kneading’ (its first use has been traced to 1876), and the French verb masser, ‘to massage,’ possibly corrupted from Arabic massa ‘to touch, feel, handle’; if so, it was probably acquired during the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt.

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