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Computer Programming and Tao

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I think it would be smart for young people in grade school to be exposed to the philosophy of Tao in order to have an advantage in programming, the superior logic is examined by military and many business institutions. Recommend understanding Yin and Yang, Tao Te Ching, Sun Tzu's Book of War and possibly The 5 Rings would be a good foundation. Can anyone recommend more?

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I started my career as a computer programmer over 30 years ago and we were taught to flowchart in order to test our logic. We coded the program into coding sheets which were sent to the computer department and run on the mainframe. There was a 24 hour turnaround for this to happen and it meant that if your progam failed due to an error in the coding or logic you had wasted a day - this in turn made us very careful in our thinking and ensuring our logic was sound. Maybe we should we return to some of these simple practices to train young people to produce good code.

I feel your suggestions are more geared towards logic in management planning i.e. how to utilise resources (the troops), manage time and expenditure rather than the actual logic required to create good code.:)

You could however look at "The Tao of Programming" by Geoffrey James written in 1987 🙂