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NLP-what should I expect?

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I am having a session of NLP next week, from my reiki practitioner who is also trained in NLP.
I had a free NLP consultation with her a couple of weeks ago where she asked me some questions and what I wanted out of the sessions, and what my goal was. But am unsure what to expect when I go next week. I am still confused of how NLP can work!:confused:
I am trying this after having 8 reiki sessions with her. I was hoping reiki would help me overcome a fear I have but I still feel the same 8 sessions later. And as she offers NLP I thought I would give it a go.

So how does NLP work? What should I expect to happen? She says sometimes it only takes one session of NLP, sometimes more. What are your thoughts on this, how effective have you found it, especially in the case of an irrational fear where the cause is unknown.

Any comments appreciated, thank you.


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Masha B
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Hi HoneyUK,

There are many ways to explain NLP - and none of them are brief or straightforward! My own way of describing it to my clients (I tend to provide a leaflet with the explanation to new clients who are not yet familiar with NLP), is something on the following lines:

NLP is based on the idea that we “construct” our own reality. NLP therapist works on the principle that each one of us builds our own unique “models” or “maps” of the world around us and, although such maps are genuine and real to us as individuals, no one’s “map” is fully able to represent the “real world”. Most elements of our “maps of the world” are useful and work well for us, but some of our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour patterns get in the way of our own progress and can make us feel “stuck” or out of control. A good NLP therapist will first gather information about your own model/map of the particular problem or issue, and will then help to "re-construct" it in such a way that the new model is more useful and serves you better.

Experienced NLP practitioners can work "conversationally", through a dialogue, without you being aware that they are "doing a technique" with you - but there are many useful standard procedures and techniques in NLP that can be undertaken as discrete exercises during you session. For example, eliciting your goal/desired outcome in some detail, as your therapist has already done, is one example of a standard NLP process.

If you are seeking help with a fear/phobia, it is quite likely that your therapist will suggest to use a so-called "Fast Phobia Cure" technique, also known as "Visual/Kinaesthetic Dissociation". This is a procedure that involves a visualisation sequence, in relation to the fear-provoking trigger or situation, and aims to "disconnect" the visual (or sometimes auditory) stimulus/trigger from the physical/emotional reaction to it. The technique is quite effective in the hands of an experienced practitioner, though nowadays I usually use EFT for work with phobias as it tends to be simpler and often faster.

Throughout the session the practitioner should be ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable, and treat your "map" with respect and care even if they choose to challenge it.

Good luck, hope your session goes well,


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Hi honey

I have had a session of NLP, and I think the explanation Masha has given you is a good one.

One of the issues I wanted to deal with in the session was my fear of driving, as I hadnt driven for years and was terrified! The NLP practitioner led me through different techniques such as shrinking the image of me being scared in my head, and enlarging an image of me feeling confident. It definitely worked because I booked a refresher driving lesson and started borrowing my Mum's car for little practice drives. Unfortunately I have stopped driving again now as I really hate it, I think maybe a few more sessions might have reinforced what I did in the first session.

I hope your NLP goes well, dont forget to come back and update us on how it went!

Claire x

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Thank you Masha B and Claireybear for your replies. I hope it goes well, and really hope it makes a difference like it did for you claireybear, even if I have to have a few sessions.
Thanks again! 🙂