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Homeopathy for over active thyroid?

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Hi everyone

I was recently diagnosed with an over active thyroid and am awaiting "urgent" referral to Endocrine clinic which has come through for 15th Feb! My GP has given me Beta Blockers to calm everything down but I haven't taken them yet as I understand from friends etc that once on these it's hard to come off. I did some research on what Comp Therapy supported the thyroid and Homeopathy came up a lot. I have a consultation with a Homeopath on Mon (weather permitting!) but I wondered if anyone on here has either treated this or HAD treatment for it and was it helpful?

Thanking you all in advance!

Love and light



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Hi Reikiangel,
Yes, homeopathy can be good for rebalancing thyroid energy and helping the thyroid to function more efficiently. I think it's likely that you'll be very strongly advised by the doctor(s) to go down the conventional route for teatment and if you discuss that with your homeopath, he/she can probably explain how you could best use homeopathy alongside any other treatment that you choose. Individuals respond differently to homeopathic remedies and there will always be those that find them fantastic and those that get no help from them. I hope it works out for you! Hom