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Front door colour

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Hello. I'm new here, Hi everyone.
Can I go straight in to asking a question please? My front door faces southwest so I understand the colours I could choose for my door, but It's a double glazed plastic door and can't be painted. Is there anything else I can do to help with Chi? Maybe something in the front garden or by the door? I'm so confused.

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Hi I have this same predicament - one of the things you could do is hang a crystal on the inside, particularly tiger eye, I got a small tiger eye bracelet and wrapped it around the handle. Trouble is it fell off and I had a dozen little tiger eyes looking up at me...:rollaugh: Never mind, I now have them in a little dish just inside the porch.

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Sorry no suggestion to front door I am afraid.

I haven't dipped into this website for I don't know how long, but was interested to see names I remember from the past are still contributing.

Jeannie I remember seeing your name and what caught my eye was the beautiful Bichon. Is it yours? I used to have one but she has sadly gone now.

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One thing you could do is ask a practitioner of geomancy who understands the ways of the spirits here, rather than follow a Chinese system.