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Feng Shui remedy objects

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I know there are different schools of Feng Shui. Years ago, a friend was advising me based on Lillian Too's style. She was into buying little things in Chinatown to hang or place in her house to remedy different problems. She bought me something that I have left hanging on the top corner of my front door for many years. It looks like a brass (or some metal) six pointed pagoda roof with each point having a metal bell hanging down and each bell has a red tassel hanging from it. In the very center, also hanging down with a red tassel, is a Chinese symbol. I seem to recall that it was to be used during a particular year or years when the flying stars or bad energy were about. If anyone came in my house unexpectedly, I'd hear the noise like wind chimes, so it's useful in that respect. But if it was only to be used for a certain period, would it be bad to hang onto it?

I also tied red ribbons around my toilet pipe and shower pipe because it's in the money corner of my house and it's supposed to prevent money going down the drain. I can't say my finances have improved, but maybe they'd be worse without the ribbons. :p

I am personally more into Jayme Barrett's style of simpler Feng Shui. What does anyone think of this? I sometimes think all these remedies are just a way of making money for the shopkeepers and advisors.

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It is very difficult to know whether the item you talk about is in a good place without knowing a lot more about your home and you.

But one question you need to answer is - do you like the object? If you like it for its own sake then this is a good reason to keep it.

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After studying and practicing feng Shui, I lean more to Intuitive Feng Shui. I believe that it's not so much what you use, but what you believe the object respresents that makes it 'work'. YOU are instilling and directing energy into the object you use. As Tee Taylor pointed out, how you feel about the object is important - Chinese tassels may work in the east, but what do they mean to YOU? 🙂

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I certainly feel compelled to voice my opinion on the matter, being myself a profesional practitioner who has learn through a Chinese lineage.
First you have to understand that there are indeed many differents schools of Feng Shui: Ba Zhai, San He, San Yuan etc. However all traditional schools of Feng Shui rely first and foremost on changes in architecture and design to convert the energy of a place and enhance your life or business.
The only credential that matters in the Feng Shui world is the lineage you have learned from. Is it an historical Chinese lineage who has well recorded datas and results over a few centuries? Lilian Too for example is a self-made woman who has not learn through a lineage, and her "Feng Shui" is more mass-marketing to sell endless artifacts that real energy work. She is no more regarded in the Asian world.
It is impossible to correct your Feng Shui without seing the setup of your property: hence the ineficiency of selling cures. If for example the internal water cycle of your property is wrong, no windchimes or artifact will change this. You have to physically move the toilet or the sink that matters, or use other ones.
Feng Shu is energy work: it does not rely on intuition or artifacts, but on precise rules that have been transmitted through lineage over the past centuries. Symbolism can be used but it is icing on the cake.

I hope I have answer your question.