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devising forms

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I'm new to EFT and compiling my case studies.
I'm drawn to drawing up some forms to help me with

1. the setting up process and the brief phrase
2. getting to the phrases used in the set up and the continuing tapping session.

does anyone do this?

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Hi maychang,

Hopefully, you'll have done your case studies by now, so maybe this is a bit late but here goes... 🙂

For recording your case studies, or indeed any client session, I found it best to try and keep any 'forms' simple, as the session can become quite fluid and move quite quickly, so having too many formal boxes to fill can get in the way.

Certainly have a section for a brief description of the issue as the client describes it, and a place to note the wording of the setup statement that client has chosen (so that you can repeat it back to them and tap along with them without having to try and remember it).

Then just keep anything else simple, having a column for writing the latest score in, as well as a section next to that for any wording or notes you take as you go along.

For case studies, it's also good if you can (with the clients acceptance of course, and on the understanding you will delete it after you've written up your notes) record the session on an MP3 recorder or dictaphone, and then you can listen back to it as you write up your notes in case you didn't manage to write things down, and it also lets you take a critical look at yourself and how you performed as a therapist (and let's face it we've all forgotten to do something or listen back and say "oh, if only I'd picked up on that and gone down that route" etc. It's all part of the learning.

The key thing though, I'll repeat... keep it simple.

All Love and Reiki Hugs