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does anyone offer EFT in groups? I am wondering how best to achieve this, so would appreciate any tips.

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Hi maychang,

Sorry, I seemed to have missed your posts, and also see that nobody else has replied for some reason (very odd as EFT is so popular).

I once did EFT as part of a holistic group meeting I attended, as we used to have "talks" or "demonstrations" at each meeting, so I offered to do an evening of EFT. I created a basic introductory manual which everyone got a copy of, giving the basic background history and the basic recipe, and then got everyone to work on their own issue and make a note of their scores etc. and we all tapped along together (of course it's good fun cos at first everyone thinks they look silly, but hey we're all doing it). I made it clear that it wasn't a training course and people would have to seek proper training if they wanted to become a practitioner, but that what they had learnt they could use for themselves, and they could always contact me if they needed help with it.

Everyone enjoyed it from what I could tell, and most people found benefit (it's difficult to deal with everyone's issue as some people have issues that really do need one on one attention).

Certainly, if you're going to do a group session like that, ensure you have a good couple of hours in total for questions and practice.

All Love and Reiki Hugs