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Any One day detox Ideas

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Good evening folks. I am feeling really bloated and think I have been overstffing my body for years. I have a few days off this week and fancied having a liquid only day. Have a smoothie maker so could use fruits. I have had my gallbladder removed and think my poor tummy just needs a rest.
Any ideas what I should use as I have never actually done this before and should I take supplements.

Any help would be appreciated
Love and Light
Linda x

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Hello Linda

It's great that you are wishing to have a day of eating smoothies - that's a nice way to get a good source of nutrients into your body. I'm not really a juicing person, so I can't offer any suggestions re recipes, but I have done several fasts and 'detoxes' in my time and would like to offer a little tip. And that is that the way you start and break your fast/detox is equally important as the fast itself. So:

On the evening before your detox have a simple meal of lightly steamed vegetables only - just green or orange vegetables - no meat/fish/eggs/poultry/nuts/grains/potatoes etc. Just lightly steamed vegetables.


On the morning after your detox have a simple breakfast of fresh fruit (no bananas). If you still feel hungry later in the morning top up with more fresh fruit (no bananas).

I hope you enjoy your detox day, and that it inspires you to drink more smoothies henceforth!

Ava x

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thanks for the good tips. Happen to everybody to feel a bit unwell or bloated so is good to read your notes XXX

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The other thing to try is a deep warm bath with a whole kilo of dead sea salt (see ) but not if your BP is high. REputed to have similar effect to a detox.

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Total fasting for a day on just water is a brilliant detox, and pretty safe for most healthy people. However, lack of gall-bladder probably contraindicates this somewhat.

I would suggest then go for a colonic, have fresh veg and fruit juice all day and an epsom salts bath. And beware re-toxing the day after, which it is very easy to do inadvertently.

Obviously all this is without reference to your particular health status, which you haven't mentioned, so usual caveats apply.

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On the blog I support I shared a 1-day lemon detox diet from a book by Caroline Wheater. Here is the link: [url]Detox Your Life: One day lemon juice detox diet - fasting plan[/url]