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Colonics and Crohns

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Hi Guys

I want to try a Colonic Irrigation session however my research on the web is that it is not advisable for people with Crohns Disease...

I can;t actually find any explanation why this is so

I have been in remission fro Crohns Disease for 10 years and have take enemas many many times...I do however have a stricture in the Ileum,

Does anyone know why one with crohns disease shouldnt have a colonic?

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if chron's not active and tissues not inflammed then colonic is not a contra-indication. It will support the immmune system which can only benefit any tedency towards disturbed bowel function.
When the tissues are inflammed the colonic is contra-indicated as it will stimulate the area which is already compromise, stretch it and probably cause pain or if it is very inflammed it could even create damage