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Enlarged Spleen and a Fatty Liver

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I have been suffering pain in my left side and i could feel something inside when i bent over etc. Also i feel as though i have a lot pushing up against my ribs, so it's very uncomfortable to sit down.

I was sent for an ultrasound and it was found i have a fatty liver (due to weight) and an enlarged spleen ( i was told weight would not affect this).

Doctor called me the day he received the results and i said i needed immediate blood tests. If no cause for the enlarged spleen found in bloods, id have to see an hematologist.

The surgery called to say all my bloods are ok except i have low iron so have been prescribed tablets. The doctor wasn't in so i don't know if this is the cause.

Does anybody have experience with enlarged spleen?

Thank you

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A healthy liver is crucial for healthy body. Found this for liver health

Include pulses and legumes in your diet everyday. They are known to cure fatty liver. But you would need to consume huge quantities on regular basis. Daal, if you like Indian food is tasty as well as melts the liver fat.

Keep away from pre packaged food. Sugary colas, soft drinks, juice drinks, stick with water, tea, coffee in moderation.
Increase intake of Green leafy veggies, fruit, nuts and healthy fats like coconut oil, ghee and butter. Stop all margarine.

Include Milk thistle, turmeric in diet everyday. Drink two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water before each meal. Move, shuffle, run jog have fun and not obsess about your liver. All emotions is chemically processed by liver. Take it easy to give liver an easy time. More stress, anxiety....more wok load for liver. Stay happy.
Gentle exercise, long walk, laugh, meet up with friends, remember to do something for pure enjoyment each day.

Just make a little space mentally and physically for the body to regain her balance. With very little tweaking be changes, she will get there. But you must make the mental resolve to be healthy....All pieces of jigsaw fall in together with the sheer force of that resolve
May balance be found

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Iron tablets sound like a reasonable option. The spleen is a major organ in the immune system. The low iron could be symptom of the spleen not working properly,, but in your case is almost certainly the cause of the enlargement. They will almost certainly monitor to see if the spleen reduces in size.. It is actually possible to survive without a spleen, but in that case the liver takes over most of its functions. So your fatty liver concerns me. You need to reduce your intake of sugar. Its as simple as that. So if you are trying to control your weight please don't go for low fat options....they may be low fat, but they are high sugar and will add to the problems with your liver. Hope that helps