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Car sickness for toddler - Weird

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Hello, hope I'm posting in the correct section here. 2 year old boy who is regularly sick when we go out in the car. We could do with some sort of cure for this. We bought some wrist bands, but he refuses to wear them and will just pull them off. Have tried putting a thin piece of cardboard in between him and his car seat, but that didn't work.

But this is the weird bit with this car sickness:

Frequently throws up a minute or two before we arrive at our destination, sometimes seconds before we've pulled into a car parking space. Happens regardless of distance driven: could be a 5 mile or a 50 mile trip. Both places we've been to, or places we've never been to.

For the last 3 Saturdays, we've driven to a town about 10 miles away and he has thrown up at the very same set of traffic lights for 3 Saturdays in a row, just 2 minutes before we are parked up. 😑

Has anyone got any thoughts or suggestions on this?

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We put a newspaper under my daughter's seat and it worked immediately!

We were reading The Times at the time - don't know if that makes a difference πŸ˜€

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I was the same growing up and thankfully I grew out of it, though I can't look at a map/read/watch dvd in the car as start feeling nausous.

The following helped reduce the likelihood of sickness when I was growing up.

Not travelling within a few hours of eating. Also avoid cordials just before travelling and stick with water. Making sure the child can see out of the windows, especially the front window. Fresh air as much as possible. Distraction games like I spy or counting the number of red cars.

Other than that its a case of taking lots of things with you to clean up in the event of sickness occurring. (I now have a bag that is taken in the car with me when travelling containing: babywipes, kitchen roll, plastic bags and a towel for cleaning up purposes, as I have a sicky dog).

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We've found sitting in the front seat works a treat for my daughter (but means me or her dad are relagated to the back and we suffer from car sickness too!!).

Travel sickness tablet - Joyriders (Who thought of that name for childrens travel sickness pills?!!) do work very well if taken a little bit in advance of the journey.

We tried the wrist band thingies, but results were very hit an miss.

Good luck, I hope you find a workable solution xx

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I am hearing first time this car sicking. Probably you child must be scared of cars or he is not prepare for car traveling. i guess..:o