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How to access your Akashic records?

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How to access akashic records. In theory, everyone can access their records, it's about finding the right meditative frequency to connect to and channel the information through the subconscious mind. Can i learn or access the akashic records?

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Of course you can, everyone has the ability to access the akashic records the same way everyone was born with the ability of clairsentience etc.. Everyone has this within them but after years of conditioning through our child and teen years we loose the connection to source we were all born with. you can rebuild this connection with source through healing, meditations, research, reiki, lifestyle changes and diet, gratitude and positivy, these are all examples of ways to build your connection with source. once you have, you will find accessing the akashic records is within your bilities along with other things such as clairvoyance perhaps.