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Cosmetic Regualtions

Joanne Moore
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Hi, I am looking to start making oil blends to sell using rollerball bottles.  Would I need to adhere to the cosmetic regulations?  Thank you in advance.

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Are you a qualified, fully insured, aromatherapist?  If yes, then there should be no problem.  If not, you may be required to put any products made through rigorous testing - probably not a cheap process.

Awakening Dawn & Bulimia Hope
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Hi Joanne, 

Apparently in the UK, The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) is the  authority for cosmetic products . 

You might find ctpa webside and read fully under Legislations

You'll also find some really useful downloadable info from

Lynora is correct, always seek proper legal advice - even if you are qualified and insured professional in this field.. as there are some special requirement you'll need to go through. 

I wish you best wishes on your adventure
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