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Withington is a Cotswold village in Gloucestershire, England, about eight miles south-east of Cheltenham, and nine miles north of Cirencester. The River Coln runs through the village. The population taken at the 2011 census was 532. The parish church is St Michael and All Angels. The origin of the name Withington is unclear but it is found in records as early as 737 AD. The other English places called Withington may have different origins. In his 1955 work, Finberg argued for continuity between Anglo-Saxon Withington and an earlier Roman settlement. During Saxon times there was an important monastery at Withington. Wikipedia

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HypnoBirthing is a philosophy and a set of techniques that prepares parents for a natural, gentle birth. It teaches a program of deep relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis which then promotes a calm pregnancy and a trauma free birth.

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