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Stoke Climsland is a village in the valley of the River Tamar, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom within the civil parish of Stokeclimsland. The population of the parish at the 2011 census was 1639. An electoral ward in the same name also exists. At the same census the population was 3,703. The manor of Climsland was one of the seventeen Antiqua maneria of the Duchy of Cornwall. The manor was recorded in the Domesday Book as Climson; there were 5 hides of land and land for 24 ploughs. One hide was held by the lord and 30 villeins and 30 smallholders had 17 ploughs and 4 hides of land. There were also 3 acres of meadow, 16 square leagues of pasture and 3 square leagues of woodland. The income from the manor was £6 sterling. Wikipedia

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