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Exbourne is a village and civil parish in the English county of Devon. It lies in West Devon, about 5 miles north of Okehampton. It lies in a primarily agricultural location and the local parish council represents both Exbourne and nearby Jacobstowe. The population of the ward which represents Exbourne and all surrounding villages was 1,695 at the 2011 census. There is a Church of England Primary School which has three classes with about sixty children on roll. The public house is called the 'Red Lion' has undergone an extensive work to make it the heart of the village once again. There is an eco-friendly underground shop and post office, which has been funded though grants and local funding. A garage and car workshop lies at the crossroads with the A3072. Wikipedia

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HypnoBirthing is a philosophy and a set of techniques that prepares parents for a natural, gentle birth. It teaches a program of deep relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis which then promotes a calm pregnancy and a trauma free birth.

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