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Myotherapy Clinic

  • 7B St Leonard's Rd, Horsham RH13 6EH, UK.

About Myotherapy Clinic

Myotherapy Clinic uses a direct 'hands-on' approach, which comprises a drug free, non-invasive form of techniques that assess and diagnose the treatment in the prevention of musculoskeletal conditions and myofascial pain.

Myofascial pain, is the result of soft tissue injury, occurring within the muscles,tendons, ligaments and fascia,which forms the musculoskeletal structure. When injury, inflammation, physical or emotional trauma occurs, the fascia can become tight and cause pain and/or restricted range of motion. 

Not only do we provide soft tissue massage, but also a wide range of manual manipulation techniques including: Myofascial stretching, muscle energy technique, medical acupuncture, joint mobilisation, spinal manipulation, exercise prescription, postural advice and education, and use of wave stone therapy (heat/cold).

One of our Myotherapy key skills is the assessment we provide. Using a combination of tactile skills, anatomical knowledge and clinical understanding, we can identify abnormalities in the muscle and fascia tissues. This knowledge helps to determine which form of technique is to be used in treatment.

Myotherapy takes into account the individuals aspects of health and activity to treat the patient, including lifestyle and occupation.Incorporating educational strategy is also important to engage patients in the recovery process, and assist in the prevention of future injuries. Myotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, from active injuries (Sports, manual work) or inactive injuries (office,driving,convalescing) or postural conditions.





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