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Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision

  • United Kingdom.

About Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision

I offer individual and couple counselling and opsychotherapy working both short and long term. Most people have times in their life when they need extra support and need to find someone outside of their usual networks to lean on. I offer a confidential space and an opportunity to think about things and work things out that you may be feeling stucik with. I often work with people sturgglling with loss and transition either in their personal or professional lives and realtionships. Usually people who see me are seeking to bring about some change in themselves and how they live their life or make sense of or make peace with things that have already happened. Making the decision to get support is the first and viital step in the change process. No matter how difficult or complicated your journey may feel, sharing these thoughts and feelings, finding some understanding and recognition is an essential part of moving on.

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