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Life – Sport

  • Underwood Road, Paisley PA1 2QH, UK.

About Life – Sport

 Life-Sport does this through the practical application of Hypnosis & NLP in areas relevant to the Life we lead and the Sports we enjoy.

Life today has many challenges, at times they can seem overwhelming. Stress in all its forms can play a large part in many peoples lives. It can be debilitating and difficult to cope with, and yet, with adversity comes an opportunity to experience real growth. First there comes an awareness that something has to change, though what exactly that could be may seem elusive. The good news is, that when you gain the resources you need to face the challenges, you find that you can achieve much more than you ever thought you could.

Sport – For many people Sport plays an important part in the enjoyment of life, whether it’s to keep fit or to compete at amateur or professional level. A key component of any sporting activity is maintaining a good level of confidence and motivation, this allows focus to be sustained, from there we continue to see progress.The challenge in Sport is having the Mental Toughness to remain focussed and motivated through the duration of the activity, particularly when facing setbacks. It is when adversity strikes, that Mental Toughness is tested and if found lacking, may allow self doubt and negative thinking to enter into the mind, and so inhibit performance.


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