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Attune Yourself To Reiki The Cosmology Way

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About Attune Yourself To Reiki The Cosmology Way

I would like to take the opportunity to Introduce myself.. My name is john Campbell….I wrote the book called “Attune Yourself to Reiki the Cosmology Way” In 2000 & originally Published by Findhorm Press2004.  Originally from an  Electrical background When I was 19 I joined the spiritualist church in South Shields Tyne & Wear and learned how to heal with my hands & Psychic Mediumship…  When I was 26. I smashed my left leg and foot on a motorcycle and told I would never walk again without the aid of a walking stick..  I have studied natural therapies and endeavored to heal myself since then… I am a College Lecturer & taught healing techniques to thousands of people worldwide.


I have personally found Reiki healing The Most Effective Healing Technique Available… I have a very down to earth approach regarding healing techniques… I like to keep things as simple as possible.  They either work or they don’t… Reiki Does Work… I will explain How Reiki Works & Why.


I give great credit to anyone wishing to self-empower others by creating their own healing systems. Currently there are lots of Reiki Masters following my example & trying to develop their own Reiki self-attuning system.. Chikara-Reiki- Do, Tibetan-Reiki, Matrix-Reiki. To Name just a few… Unfortunately without having any prior electrical knowledge, interest in understanding how Reiki works & why.. IN fact they are teaching a whole load of soap & mirrors…The Matrix was a good movie.. But that’s as far as it goes.. As For any of the others, they stick the letters “Ki Or Do” On the end to make it Look like Reiki..  Reiki is a very effective healing technique that traditionally is taught in three separated stages.. Reiki Level 1,2, & Master level…


Reiki 2.. Healing power of Symbols is directly connected to the Psychology of the human mind… Reiki has Seven Reiki Healing Symbols… these Seven Reiki Symbols make Reiki Very Different To All other healing therapy.. The Understanding of how Reiki symbols work and why…

The Truth is. I have come across lots of different Reiki symbols while teaching Reiki Therapy… Every symbol is just as effective and achieve astounding results.. Why…  

The subconscious mind can process & understands symbols easily.. The Reiki Symbols are healing Symbols that create the healing effect..  Symbols unlock the doors to the subconscious & divine conscious mind and this is commonly named our “higher power or higher self” Or [Healing Self]… usually in our normal day- to-day life may never need to use, or know we can access our higher power. Reiki Distance healing does just that.. Gives you the ability to connect yourself to your higher self {Healing Self} & create distance healing for anyone, anywhere in the world… You Have A  Universal Mind…Simply.. to imagine the “Reiki symbols” give us this gift & ability To heal with Symbols and create “Distance Healing”…


Reiki Master level 3.. Unfortunately Reiki has a “Masters connotation” connected to its three levels of training..  I personally believe this has caused more “trouble” than its worth..  Traditionally.. over indulging “ego maniacs” & So Called Reiki Masters of very little …   Traditional Reiki Masters… Think & believe… “My Reiki must “Heal better”. Than your Reiki. …Because my Reiki Heritage is better than Your Reiki Heritage.. This Way of Thinking Takes me back to the kindergarten.. My Mammy & Daddy Is better than your Mammy & Daddy. So I must be better than you..  I dont believe anyone..will think that having a  Reiki Heritage make them a better Reiki Healer… 



Thank You

John Campbell 


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