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Harmony of Soul

  • 16 Parkside Way, North Harrow, Harrow HA2 6DA, UK..

About Harmony of Soul

As the distributors of Matrix Drops in England our aim is to spread the key principles of a healthy quality lifestyle and give an insight into the aspects of the invisible world that can have a negative effect on our etheric bodies. Our philosophy is based on the teachings and health harmonisation system of Andras Kovacs-Magyar which was developed over 30 years. He is also the inventor of the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC). MDC is a revolutionarily new quantum physical device capable of revealing and give an objective image of our multidimensional bodies. With the help of MDC you can reveal information disturbances in your body, your current life assignment and any blockages at emotional, spiritual and mental levels as well as their potential projections on the physical body. MDC is also the only device capable of measuring heavy metal overload, effects of mandatory vaccinations and electrosmog. During a 1 minute scan the MDC can select the adequate Matrix Drops for the individual’s needs to restore any disturbances and disharmonies within the physical and higher dimensional bodies.


EnergyEnergy HealingHolistic MassageLymphatic DrainageNatural Medicine

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