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Antenatal Hypnobirthing classes for a positive birth experience

  • 17 College Approach, Greenwich, London SE10 9HY, UK.

About Antenatal Hypnobirthing classes for a positive birth experience

These Antenatal Classes will help you to prepare your mind and body for the birth of your baby.


It is fairly common for couples to have concerns about the labour and birth of their baby, Hypnobirthing is a logical way to help you to understand the physiology of birth and prepare you psychologically as well as help you release unwanted thoughts or fears. Having this knowledge and practicing self hypnosis can help you to have a more calm, comfortable and kind birth for yourself and your baby.


Classes consist of 4 sessions, you will also receive a Course manual, Audio relaxations and ongoing support via phone and email.


(Private sessions are also available).


Sessions cover amongst other things;


* Birth Physiology & anatomy

* Breathing techniques

* Psychology of a birthing woman

* Fear release work

* Your rights and decision making

* Soft touch Massage techniques

* Importance of hormones and their role



Hypnobirthing always makes a difference. Nature has already given us what we need to give birth and so once all of the fears and assumptions we have accumulated throughout life around our ability to birth are addressed, we are able to move forward confidently feeling empowered and prepared for birth.


Understanding how birthing hormones work, how to manage our birthing environment and what our birthing rights are, helps us to take control and make confident informed decisions.


What others are saying;


“Thank you for giving me the confidence to achieve the birth I thought I could never have, it was amazing” – Kelly (2nd time mum)


“The midwife said she had not seen such a calm and gentle birth in her many years of midwifery” – Ellen (1st time mum)


“I was blown away by how effortless the labour and birth was this time” – Julian (5th time Father)


“I had much more confidence about my daughters home birth after attending the hypnobirthing course, it definitely paid off, the birth of my Granddaughter was beautiful, it was a privilege to be part of her birth”- Lynn (Grandmother with her 4th grandchild)


About me;


I am an experienced Mother,Hypnobirthing teacher, Doula and Mindful parent coach. I trained with the leading specialist in Hypnobirthing in the UK, and hold a hypnobirthing diploma accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). I am fully insured and I am a member of the UK Hypnobirthing association. 

“Using Hypnobirthing gave our daughter a kinder more gentle entry into the world, which we feel gave her a better start to life. You wouldn't run a marathon without practicing running, or take your driving test without driving lessons first. Attending classes and putting in the practice to prepare for my babys birth was by far the best time, energy and money i'd ever spent in my life” 

– Lucy (hypnobirthing mum)


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