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Natural Touch Healing

  • 37 Chequers Walk, Waltham Abbey EN9 3EW, UK.

About Natural Touch Healing


My name is Chris I am a reiki master and I offer reiki and crystal healing services in a relaxed atmosphere in my home, my treatments always start with a basic consultation on the phone where we can discuss your needs, from there I offer a face to face consultation and what to expect in terms of treatments, then proceeding with our first treatment if that is what you wish.  I often like to combine my reiki and crystal healing allowing for a more diverse healing session

I have also trained in basic counselling so we can talk through issues before the treatments, this can help with emotional release and really making the treatments as personal as possible.

I started reiki as a tool to help myself with my anxiety, emotions and pains, it had such a profound impact on myself that I wanted to share these experiences with others as it has been an eye opener and changed my life.  Natural Touch Healing isn’t just providing reiki and crystal healing services, I am also building a community where can we come together with a shared ideology.

My prices are as follows, I do offer the first 1 hour session half price or a free 30 minute session.


Crystal healing

£45 for 1 hour session

Crystal healing focuses on the chakras and therefore can treat many different areas, releasing energy in the chakras or allowing energy to flow in can help with creativity, anxiety, stress, physical pain and many other issues.  The treatment can be tailored to what you need.



£40 for 1 hour session

Distance Reiki

£20 for 1 hour session

My reiki sessions can either be hands on or off and is totally up to the client, I can focus on pain, different illnesses, emotional and anxieties.  These sessions are very relaxing which in itself is a reason to have a session!



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