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Hayley Foster da Silva- Moon Mother, Crystal Therapist

  • 320 Westborough Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 9PZ, UK.

About Hayley Foster da Silva- Moon Mother, Crystal Therapist

My name is Hayley and I am based in Westcliff, Essex. As part of The Healing Pathways team I am a Moon Mother, crystal therapist and will be soon running a Red Tent based in Hackney Wick, London.

As a Moon Mother, I offer my services to women for Womb Blessings and Womb Healings:

Womb healing is a nurturing process for women that helps to energise the three female energy centres as well as helping to bring balance to the four archetypes present in a women's life of maiden, mother, enchantress and crone. This helps bring balance to our natural cycles as well as to our lives. This healing can help to heal pain we may be holding in these areas. This is available to all women, with or without womb, with or without a cycle.

The Womb Blessing is an attunement that helps us to clear patterns and thought forms that no longer serve us. After receiving the Womb Blessing, you will experience a 28 day rebirth cycle of change in your life (which can be very noticeable or in some cases the rebirth will be more subtle). The Womb Blessing helps you to shed any outworn skin so that you can become your authentic female self and also deepen your connection with the divine feminine. The Womb Blessing is available to all women from their first bleed onwards. You do not need a womb or a cycle to receive the blessing.

Crystal healing is a gentle nuturing therapy for all. This healing helps to bring balance, grounding and connect you deeply to Mother Earth. As part of the session I will also lead you on a guided meditation to help you progress on your journey forward to healing.

Please get in touch if this work calls to you. I would be honoured to share with you. AHO!




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