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Reflexology is a gentle art, an ancient science and a very effective form of therapeutic foot massage.The basic principles of reflexology are:
Facilitates the body to maintain good health

When correctly applied the reflexology pressure techniques allow changes to take place in the body allowing internal balance.  If regular treatments are maintained then reflexology helps to keep the body in balance.

Facilitates a state of relaxation

Reflexology works towards the normalisation of body functions, easing tense muscles, inducing the endocrine glands to function normally and hastening the elimination of toxins. Reflexology brings about a state of relaxation and tension release in the body that promotes improved circulation, increased levels of organ functioning and a more effective distribution of nutrients.

Facilitates lifestyle changes

A reflexologist can help a patient adopt lifestyle changes that will support continued good health once their body is in balance and functioning properly. A Reflexologist should assist in this process by passing on their knowledge about issues such as stress reduction and relaxation, and the value of sound nutrition practices and a balanced lifestyle

Facilitates homeostasis

When the body is functioning optimally, it is in a state of homeostasis or balance. The goal of Reflexology is to assist the body to return to this state of balance by facilitating the elimination of toxins and the decongestion of blockages.


Qualified VTCT reflexologist offering treatments completely tailored to the clients needs.  Also trained in infertility, conception, pregnancy and post natal reflexology, indian head massage, hot stone reflexology and will soon be offering reflexology lymphatic drainage for patients with oedema from cancer or lymphodema.  Lovely peaceful treatment room with a caring empathetic therapist.  Clients can also choose a top and tail treatment with an indian head massage followed with reflexology.  Clients can also add a wonderful foot spa.   Helpful for stress, anxiety, body balancing, migraines/headaches, depression, pain relief.  Reflexology aids the body in its healing process and helps the body regain homeostasis.




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