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Advanced hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

  • 7A Haddington Pl, Edinburgh EH7 4AE, UK.

About Advanced hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Unique breakthrough process for emotional issues such as panic attacks, depression, anxiety, compulsions, phobias, fears, low self esteem and self sabotaging patterns of behaviour. Performance Enhancement for Business, increased sales, Sport and personal issues.

Overcoming debilitating personal issues with Hypnosis and NLP

Benefit from intense Advanced Hypnotherapy Edinburgh based near the city center with Hypnotherapist Brian Halliday. Resolve debilitating issues including Anxiety, Guilt, Depression, Fears and Phobias. Enhance Performance in Business, Sales, Sport and personal life. Come and spend a day with us and literally dismantle life long doubts fears emotional issues, limiting beliefs get back in the game fast! Go beyond traditional therapy and make a series of changes that will make a huge positive impact on all areas of your life!

Book a Free assessment over the telephone and we will help find the best therapist or solution for you. We only work with those that we know we can get results with. If we don’t think you are a good fit for our programs then we will help you find the right type of therapy for you. By the end of the call you will know more about the type of therapies out there and what to expect so you are informed to make the best choice for you.

Business Training and Coaching

We also offer Business training and coaching programs in performance, public speaking, presentations persuasion and influence for sales, negotiation and management. Whether you are pitching for business or selling your idea in the boardroom to colleagues or investors then our hypnotic presentation program will amplify your results way beyond your expectations. Over come fear and anxiety from public speaking or negotiating high value contracts. Learn how to sequence structure and deliver your information for maximum impact. Learn to communicate with the unconscious minds of those you want to influence and ethically move them emotionally and logically towards win/win outcomes.


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