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Qualified & experienced Reiki practitioner (Teacher / Master level). Me

  • 81 West St, Chatteris PE16 6HR, UK.

About Qualified & experienced Reiki practitioner (Teacher / Master level). Me

Zen Reiki – For Now & Zen.  Find your inner calm, it is within all of us.. sometimes we just loose the ability to access this.  Reiki and meditation are both fabulous tools to help  find you 'Inner Zen'… To manage your stress rather than stress manage you!  …. Stress has its place… BUT!!…'Use it then loose it!'  


Reiki is a form of ancient Japanese energy (ki) practice / therapy that has been around for hundreds of years, it was reintroduced in the early1900's in its current form by a Japanese buddhist monk, Mikao Usui . Since then Reiki  has spread far and wide and is now used as a complementary therapy in many settings worldwide including therapy centres, hospitals and hospices.  


Reiki uses energy (the energy that is within and all around us), to initiate balance within body, mind & spirit.  It is a versatile healing system that can benefit physical health and emotional well-being. Reiki could be described as 'assisted meditation' it initiates deep relaxation and helps lower brainwave patterns to that seen in meditation.


Reiki is used in many situations today and is best known for stress reduction, which, itself may assist with a number of common problems such as anxiety, insomnia, emotional trauma, migraine & fatigue to name but a few.  Reiki is also a wonderful method for self improvement as it can assist with mental clarity & help with some memory problems, many of which are stress related. (A cluttered 'monkey mind' is never a good place). Reiki may also help invite a positive attitude and gradually release negative thought patterns.  


Reiki techniques can assist to heal mind body and spirit &  can be beneficial to adults children and animals!  Please contact me for further information.


May ''Your inner peace' be with you.



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