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This Yogic Life

  • 1 Lansdown Pl, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7AD, UK.

About This Yogic Life

Mind, Body and Soul
Yoga honours mind, body and most importantly soul. For me yoga is important to live on and off the mat, because yoga is so much more than just postures. It’s about finding the true essence of our being, beneath all the veils and layers that modern life and years of conditioning have covered up. To seek from the unreal to the real. To break away from self limiting beliefs to explore our true calling in life.

To have self acceptance and love for self, allowing for ego to subside. To feel the prana (energy and breath) moving within us, to respect our bodies and mind for what it is, to be true to ourselves, to non judge self or others, to acknowledge what is, to not be hard on ourselves, to teach us the ways to find peace and allowing life to flow with ease, without resistance, trust and faith in something greater than us, for me its the universe and tuning into what truly matters, remembering where I came from, source. We are all divine beings. You can achieve whatever you want in life and yoga teaches us to seek and find how to achieve that.

Yoga has been my deepest healer. It has allowed me to accept myself, forgive, move forward with strength and courage, have complete connection with myself, being open and allowing love, light and healing to transform.

Yoga is self empowerment. Yoga is about saying yes to what serves you and no to what doesn’t.

All our live’s answers are within us, its about tuning into that wisdom and uncovering what our body is telling us. We are divinely guided by ourselves if we just listen to our inner guidance as we are our best teacher.

I want to help you achieve the same in your life whatever you want and aspire.

I specialize in supporting and empowering men and women to bring alignment to all aspects of their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health goals. With my tailored and unique holistic system of natural healing therapies in Holistic and Yogic Health, my methods are designed to bring emotional breakthroughs and transformation.

Teaching Yoga
In 2018 I decided to pursue my original calling of training to teach yoga and I have just qualified from my 8 months 200 hour Yoga and spiritual development teacher training journey in the study of classical yoga philosophy and traditional hatha yoga practices. I trained with the Shanti Centre training school in Bristol / Italy. The course modules included:

How to teach yoga, How to practice yoga, Karma yoga, Intensive Chakra development, Yoga Philosophy and  Anatomy and Physiology.

I am insured by and a registered member of the Awarding Body of The Independant Yoga Network which is also a non-profit organisation.

My Next Adventure
My next venture is to do my Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training (SYHET) 800-Hour Yoga Therapy Program. Yoga is union and for me this is union with myself and the world, to live a dedicated life to spiritual practice through all of what yoga is. My teacher training course has been a transformational journey of dedication, faith and trust, self awareness, self discovery, self realization, soul searching, through myself to my true self, by releasing trauma, letting go of old negative patterns of thinking and living and falling in love with seeking the best version of myself.

I love teaching yoga to the world, in which I would love to travel and reach out to as many people as possible because yoga is for everyone. I personally have a dedicated daily on and off the mat. So whether its deepening my breath, gratitude, journaling, self development, continued education, postures, eating a proper diet (vegeterian), gaining proper rest and sleep, breaking negative subconscious thought processes, because we are what we think and reprogramming the mind with positive thoughts of peace and abundance, these are all practices that deepen my spiritual core, connecting me deeper to self and to the source. I still have my personal challenges and this is where my work is, so this is what I teach others, self inquiry to acknowledge their challenge and to work through it and yoga facilitates that space to deeply heal.

This Yogic Life
Yoga is far far greater than looking good, being flexible and super bendy because this is simply a misconception of yoga. No one has the perfect body, and it is not the aim of yoga. My message is to send out inspiration, hope, love and happiness, to teach all people true yoga and what it may mean to you, through yoga philosophy and psychology, asanas, breath, positive thinking, diet, and all aspects of holistic health and wellbeing. I teach inclusive and accessible yoga to lead by example. To teach all to feel into your body, to teach you how to be your own guide, to self empower, to self encourage and self heal, to find your personal faith because when we flow with life, life flows with us. I have created This Yogic Life to pass on all my teachings to the world through yoga philosophy, asana (postures), holistic and yogic living to enlighten and bring transformation and empowerment to whom connect and seek my guidance.

I offer one to one, group and corporate, lifestyle coaching sessions, yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness and parties.


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