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Well Within – Holistic Healing Centre

  • 3 Chapelton, Chapelton Mains, Seamill, West Kilbride KA23 9LU, UK.

About Well Within – Holistic Healing Centre

Our Services

For the Body Therapeutic Massage The treatment focuses on and brings awareness to latent tension and pressure held within the body. The treatment works to encourage you to steadily release and restore the body?s natural balance, energy and vitality.

Hands-on healing (Reiki) This treatment is a gentle yet profound process. It is experienced while fully clothed. Hands are lightly placed on your body, moving through the major energy centres (chakras) to balance and realign your own natural energies. In some cases this form of healing can produce quite dramatic healing results and in some cases people experience a sense of peace within themselves, renewed energy and clarity on life issues.

For the Mind

Therapeutic Counselling All of us reach stages in our life when we feel stuck and the problem we are facing just doesn?t seem to shift. This could be something related with work or a relationship that is going through difficult times or when we have experienced a loss. At well within we support you to ?get the problem out on the table? and see it with fresh eyes. From this viewpoint we can start to recognize and begin to change our relationship to the problem.

Playful Coaching We all have our own internal personalities such as our inner critic or our rule maker or vulnerable child. Playful Coaching combines elements of psychodrama and voice dialogue to gain real insight and awareness into our sub-personalities and to begin to recognise them more and more which brings us choice in how to respond in our life.

For the Spirit

Meditation Generally we miss our lives, distracted from our true selves, in endless activity. Meditation is the way to bring us back to ourselves, where we can really experience and taste our full being. In one-to-one sessions, you will learn techniques to calm your mind, to recognize your internal dialogue and learn to locate the ?off button? to your mind to enable you to connect to the source of your inner calm and connectedness. Spiritual Accompaniment Many of us have questions that rise into our consciousness from time to time: Who am I? – What is the meaning of my life? – Why am I here? – Does God exist? – What do I believe in? – Is this all there is to life? – What really gives me life and energy?

Spiritual accompaniment is a particular kind of listening and helping activity where you can explore some of these questions with an experienced ?spiritual guide? to help you reflect on your experiences of life and how they may help you discern some of the answers to these questions.


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