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Reiki attunement questions

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I've wanted to be Reiki attuned for years but have found my health to be too much of a barrier, as I'm unable to go out and to a class for the 6 hours they usually take. Now I've signed up for a level 1 attunement in a live, online session (3 hours long) next month, held by a woman who has a healing group on Facebook and does a lot of attunements both online and in person. I'd like to do level 2 as well, so I can do distance healing. I wondered if anyone here has been attuned this way, online instead of in person, and if they've found it just as effective?

The other question I have relates to mental health. I struggle a lot with anxiety and being unable to relax (especially when I actually try to relax; I think my anxiety sabotages me!), something I'm hoping I can help myself with after my attunement. I am concerned that being anxious or unable to relax (or be in a particular state of mind) during the attunement will affect how well it works. I'm hoping people who know a lot more about Reiki can tell me whether that's the case, or can anyone be attuned regardless of their anxiety and inability to relax during it?

I'd be very grateful for any replies.

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Hi Elizabeth,

In theory distance attunements work, just as distance healing works. However there is more to being attuned than just receiving the attunement, there is a whole host of background understanding, practice and learning how to use it, and once attuned there is no un-attunement process (like learning to ride a bike, you can't unlearn it - though some people out there would suggest it's possible - I don't believe them to be correct).

I would recommend, certainly if you are anxious, that you would be better to have in-person training with a master who will be there for you both during the lessons and after.