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Reflexology and 3rd eye chakra

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Hi all,

I haven't been practising reflexology very long , and have a client who is very spriritual and receptive to energies. He often picks up on things during a treatment session which make little sense to me.

Whilst working on his left foot in the region of the heart & lung, he experienced a sensation that he said was difficult to describe, not painful but pleasant. At the same time he also experienced a similar sensation in the region of his 3rd eye chakra.

I know very little about chakras and was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the possible connection here.

Thanks in advance


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RE: Reflexology and 3rd eye chakra

Hello there Mal

Pauline Wills' book on Colour Reflexology talks about each chakra and its colour, and which chakra is meant to relate to which parts of the body. Am I right in thinking that the third eye chakra is positioned where the pituitary gland is? I'm a little shaky on what the main organ related to each chakra is supposed to be, but hopefully you will find some answers!

I wouldn't worry too much about trying to interpret the sensations your client is getting, because I often think there are lots of things about reflexology that I can't fathom out (I think I would burn my brain out trying!) - yet I know it can help people a lot. People seem to experience the effects of reflexology and other therapies in so many different ways, don't they? As you work, energies are shifted and all sorts can happen. Maybe your client finds that as he 'switches off' and relaxes during his treatment, the subconscious take over and he notices amazing things happenning, which he might miss if he was buzzing around being busy!