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Not much happening on the polarity therapy board!

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Seeing as there is not much happening here I thought I would post. I have had three sessions of polarity therapy now (weekly) the reason being that I could not get an appointment with a reiki therapist for a few weeks so decided to treat myself to a nice massage or something in the meantime with a different therapist - upon browsing her list I spotted 'polarity therapy' and for the short description it sounded a bit different!

My first appointment was a general balance which started off with why I believe to be craniosacral work (basically working on the head and bak of the neck) seems to work in certain pressure point (meridians I think) then working on points on the feet and arms/hands. There is also some rocking movements involved - similar to the rocking if the legs that I have done at yoga class. My second visit was the same as the first but then incorporated a chakra balance - which seemed similar to reiki but without the reiki if you know what I mean! following this was some work with a tuning fork which was placed onto different points on the body again.

Overall I would say it is a very relaxing therapy - I certainly felt calm and collected after it and would certainly book again. I have searched online for more info about it and there doesn't seem to be much on it from the uk - seems more popular in the USA. Would highly recommend it for anyone fancying trying something new.