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Massage in a neurological physiotherapy dept

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Good evening everyone, i work as an assistant physio in a neurological department and i am looking at bringing in massage as a way to help in the physical rehabilitation of the clients there.

I have nearly finished my holistic course and plan on starting sports massage in Sept.

Do you think there is a place for sports massage in this kind of setting and do you think it will benefit the clients there??

Discuss 😀

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Reiki Pixie
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Hi ya easylifer

Would they allow you to practice massage in such a department? Do they have already other massage therapists?


Cheeky Pixie

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Yes and yes!

Clinical massage is used as part of rehabilitation for a wide variety of physical and even emotional / psychological problems.

The Clinical Massage Course I attended built upon techniques I learned in studying Sports Massage and then Sports Therapy, you will obviously need to learn the specific treatment protocols for the problems you will be helping to work on.

Obviously it can only be done with the agreement and support of the doctor(s) in charge of the department but if they are receptive to including massage therapies into the treatment regime I believe it can only be of benefit to the patients.

Good luck with it and please keep us posted.


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Hi Pixie, there isn't a therapist there at the moment and thats where i am hoping to step in. I think it would be a great to work along side the physios and help release the tone that is held in there bodies.

The clients where i work suffer with acquired brain injuries and they have all sorts of physical and mental problems.

I have discussed it with head of dept and she is keen to include it in the rehab programme.

Your right db4gt in regards to the physcological problems as you can imagine the clients have a wide range of problems and its great to think that maybe i can help a little.

I am very interested in findng out about the clinical massage course. There are so many i want to do i can hardly contain myself :eek:X

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I think there is most definately a place for hands-on therapy in the majority of medical settings. I had a great aunt who was one of the original 'chartered physios' (nurses started it up in the late 1800's). She worked all over the place, especially between the wars, and most of her work was massage and gentle manipulation. She retired in the 50's, from working at a rehab centre for injured servicemen. I think she would be scandalised to see how reliant the 'therapy' has become on mechanical devices.

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I get referrals from physios and so I do think that massage has a place in the rehabilitation protocols of physios. But also, physios seem generally to be very time-poor because of the shorter session lengths and quite frankly don't have the time to do the kind of slow deep soft tissue stuff that can really accelerate a patient's recovery.