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Stress, Depression, Vitamins query re maybe taking wrong one's? Was suggested Kinesiology?

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Hello Everyone

I'm suffering from stress and depression and trying to get my life sorted out. I've started taking a Vitamin B Complex and Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fish Oil.

However someone told me maybe I'm not taking the right vitamins etc for my body and suggested I try Kinesiology? Has anyone tried this or I'd love to hear any views?

No real point me taking supplements and maybe I should be taking something else to help me? I was told the problem could be my gut and that Kinesiology would be good and I'd know then what I should be taking etc?

As I say I'm suffering from stress, depression and low moods and I get really tired and trying to help myself and I find walking really helps. Now I'm feeling curious as to what supplements I should be taking and no point wasting money on things if they aren't helping me? Maybe the problem is my gut I'm not sure. I feel so tired but I don't want to go into a really dark place and appreciate any advice!

Thanks alot