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what do you look for in your stones

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Hi Peeps,Hope everyone is well.As usual I have a question,im sure you will be able to help.
I am just starting a stone course, I want to purchase the stones and a heater,to use mobile and static.I do not mind buying the items from 2 different places,I know this question has been asked before (about heaters and stones).
I want my stones to be my friends/I'm friends with them,There are a lot of them out there, how do I know which ones are mine? I have seen some with deep lines in, polished, some really black,shaped but not as found,are these machined into shape? Can they have flaws? I dont want to buy stones that are not for me,strangely, I'm quite adaptable but dont feel the same way about being adaptable about my stones.I dont want to buy a set without feeling them if you understand what I mean.
So many questions, I'd really like some feed back on this if you could help.
Rayne xx

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Hi rayne, when choosing the stones for hot stone therapy, consider their texture and their heat retaining capacities. Also the shape and size should be appropriate.

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It´s been a white, almost 2 years this question was posted, but for other members who have the same question, there is my answer.

I in general, never purchase stones from Internet. I need to have a almost visceral contatct with the stones, it is a kind of call from the stones. We do not get draw to a stone with no reason, I believe the stones choose us, not the oposite. You are drawn to the stone.

I feel the same way when I am doing a treatment, I open the bag, and normally the stone that need to do the work show up.

Tip of the day. Let the stones talk to you, feel open when you go search for them at a river bed, or even at a store, feel the stones at your hand, and let this non verbal talking take place.

Regards from Brazil.