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NVQ Hot stones, please help!!!

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Hi all,
I'm studing NVQ from massage, I stuck on few questions. Please help if you know the answear.

Q1.Explain the importance of checking current insurance guidelines for the delivery of hot stone treatment?

If you have any idea, please write.


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Guidelines change, what was considered OK last year may not be considered safe now. It's usually a case of insurance companies not really understanding what they are insuring initially and after a few claims for burns etc they start regulating it more.

Things that may be regulated (not an exhautive list, and will vary by company):

  • working temps
  • stone heating unit rather than fry pans etc
  • placement of stones
  • only recognising particular types of stones or stones from certain suppliers
  • insulation required between client and stone
  • areas of the body that can be worked on
  • qualifications from 'recognised' education providers
  • not accepting distance learning/video learning
  • deciding massage is a manual therapy and the use of 'tools' is not appropriate
  • deciding heaters are 'electrical equipment' and are not acceptable

It is important to keep up with what your insurance expects as what they expect can change, and they often don't let you know.