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Hi can anyone recommend a preperation for sleeping ?

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Hi there,
There aren't a lot of homeopathic remedies for sale in shops (although you could look- someone like Nelsons might do a 'combination' remedy for sleep). So you would probably need to go and see a homeopath,who would prescribe for you on the basis of your individual symptoms. For example, the reason for the insomnia, if known, is relevant, as is the nature of the you wake at a particular time, how does it affect you...
Homeopathy is based on considering the whole picture, and not just the named condition. Another option would be to google 'homeopathy and insomnia' and see what comes up.It would not necessarily be perfect prescribing but you might see something that resonates with you and you could order that from a homeopathic pharmacy, e.g. Helios.

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There can be various causes of insomnia and the symptoms are also not alike in everyone. Therefore, there is no remedy that could be recommended for all cases of sleeplessness. Medicine can only be chosen after considering the whole picture.
I agree with hom.

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Kali phos 6x, four five not exactly a homeopathy but a bio chemic remedy (works on same principle as homeo) a day will dissolve any underlying anxiety. The last lot can be had 15 minutes before bed. Very good for calming nerves, relaxation etc.
Ralax and try not too hard to doze off.

Deep sleep is nirvana...hope you sleep well

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Is it safe to use homeopathy remedies all the time?

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I agree with the other comments - you really need to see a qualified homoeopath. Homoeopathic remedies are safe but you shouldn't need to take them all the time if you are taking the right remedy. Taking the same remedy all the time would not work as you would not be in the same condition all the time and hence it would stop matching your state.