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Qualified in complementary therapies 2005, not practised since - how to start again?

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Hi All

I qualified in Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, onsite char massage, reiki and aromatherapy massage in 2005 (ITEC) and for various reasons, I did not persue a career in these therapies. I am considering it again now, but am unsure as to whether I need to retake training in order to get insurance again.

Has anyone else gone back to therapies after a period of time away?

Any advice would be very gratefully.

Love Nicky x

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It may be worth a chat with an insurance company - they may recommend some refresher training to get cover, especially if you have have not practised in the last 10 years - I know I would need to get my confidence back!

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Refresher/Update training is a good idea. If you've not been doing any treatments at all in the last few years may be worthwhile doing freebies on sympathetic friends and family to get back in the groove.

Best of luck