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A few questions - grids and cleansing Lapis Lazul

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Hi. I'm just writing to ask a few questions that I need answering that are doing my nut in.

Ok... First I have to ask a question on how I can go about cleansing my Lapis Lazuli Crystal. Now I know that water is not an option for this crystal as it it is quite soft and porous (Of which I suspected after holding the crystal) and running under a tap with visualisation is my favourite cleansing method... So I tried to put it a little bowl of salt but when I took it out, something didn't feel right... like my crystal just didn't like the salt method (Can't explain it...) and I don't really want to use that method again for my Lapis anyway...

So any suggestions? I'm not allowed to use smudging, incense as I live with my parents, I'm not in an area where I can just go out side and bury crystals in earth... although I might try and leave Lapis in sunlight on the window sill... I've heard sunlight is cleansing as well as charging but I'm not sure.... Do you think I can cleanse and charge at the same time by passing energy too...

Ok... I think it's time for my second question, this time I'm asking about suggestions for a Crystal Grid I can use. Now I've never made a grid before so this is totally new to me but what I want to do is to send healing to a member of the family who was recently diagnosed with cancer and has some other health issues...

From my crystal collection, I have:
one amethyst point
one small amethyst cluster,
one clear quartz,
one rose quarts,
one Lapis Lazuli,
one Moonstone,
One Garnet,
One Citrine,
One Orange Carnelian,
One Blue Lace Agate,
One Smokey Quartz,
One Hematite
One Pink Fluorite
One Yellow Jasper
One Rhodonite

Can anyone please suggest a good, healing crystal grid that I can make out of the crystals I have, thanks πŸ™‚

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Cleansing, Placement & Locations

I'm not in an area where I can just go out side and bury crystals in earth...

Location Oddities:

For many of us city dwelling is our only alternative.. How are we to bury our stones or crystals in our cities? In this case, a large terracotta pot, organic potting soil and moss gathered from the forest can be used as an alternative.

When Is To Much Salt, To Much:

Salt was and has been prevalent in helping create minerals.. the flow of underground streams, fresh water or springs help carry minerals (raw or liquid state) to a hole, pocket or cavity.. and over the centuries.. this raw, liquid chemistry creates or turns into crystal formations.. and again depending on the chemical compound.. is what type of mineral/s one may end up with.

However, I do not condone the use of a salted solution or getting salt any where near my minerals or crystals..


The harmful rays of the sun, not only weaken the minerals structure (much like the salt) it can open small cracks and encourage pitting on the surface of the stone. Fading of the crystal will occur if left in direct sunlight for any length of time.

For the last year, I’ve been testing the effects of the sun on a few samples of amethyst. One year not to long ago, I spent nearly three months cutting and shaping an amethyst for my wife. Handing it to her I drop the stone on the floor and the stone broke into several smaller shards.

Setting aside one shard, I placed it out side in direct sunlight for at least one year. The dark purple chevron amethyst is no longer dark.. but a pale/white to clear.. Needless to say.. this theory holds true. One should never place stones in windows or areas of your dwelling that have more then 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Prolonging Life Grid: Sands Of Time

This grid should be setup must like that of a time clock or sundial. In a round sand filled pot, place the larger crystal point (wand) upright (facing/pointing) north. arrange the other stones at the hour, 1/2 hours, 1/4 hour and even mins if so desired. The main stone should be that of a crystal wand approx 8 - 12 inch long and rest at the "12 o'clock" hour. The wand or crystals resting at the 12 o'clock hours make no difference, so use your best judgment when deciding which crystal to place in the spot.

The stones (main or the basic set) should be placed at every adjacent hours put making the time of day etc. The stones /crystals you have within your collecting could use a few more to accompany them within this setting.. The placement of the grid should be out of the sun, off the floor and in an area where it's not going to be disturbed. Routine cleaning or maintenance of these stones should be one or twice a week and returned to their original spot on the grid. (thou can be turned over or around if necessary)

The reasoning behind not posting or suggesting any certain stones or crystals to be placed within this grid, is because each stone can and will change due to the vibrations and atmosphere of its surroundings. Also.. it's getting harder to tell what in fact it is we have (crystals and stones wise).

In other words.. your common since serves your well.. knowing what to look for and any warning signs is well in hand. Never doubt yourself when wanting to place, cleanse or perform your rituals.

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Hi Akairyuu,

You could place the lapis lazuli crystal in a small glass bowl and place that bowl in a larger one which is full of salt. The energy cleansing process will still work, but the stone won't be harmed by the salt.

I don't think lapis lazuli is usually averse to running water, although yours may be!

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This is why conversing with the spirit of the crystal is so useful.

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You can also cleanse it in moonlight or energy work like reiki. I believe cleansing has come up repeatedly in this forum, clueless about grids though, sorry!

And Crowan is right, if you're able to communicate with the crystals, they can generally give you an inclination to what they want

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With regards to the crystal grid simply dowse which of your crystals you need and let your intuition guide you as to how they should be set up. πŸ˜€

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Hi. Thanks for your replies, everyone πŸ™‚ I've been reading all of your posts and there's some really good advice here:)

Yeah, I heard that heat from the sun can weaken crystals so I took them away fom the window sill as soon as the sun came around just now. I don't think it matters at the moment though as days are still a little short and the sun isn't that strong being in Scotland.

With the cleaning Lapis problem, I think I've found a nice solution. Using Kiga's idea I think I'll use a small bowl of salt but instead of using a small glass (I don't have one smaller than the bowl I'm using) for the Lapis to sit in, I can make a little Origami container with blue paper which should still let the salt cleanse the crystal but will also act as shield to prevent light from out the colour of the crystal, energising the crystal with the blue colour of the paper πŸ™‚

It's only been recently when I started to sense things intuitively about my crystals so I'm not exactly use to it yet and scientist in me makes want to be exact about a lot of things but I'm getting there πŸ™‚

As for grids, the sands of time one sounds like a really good grid but I think I should maybe wait until I have a few more crystals to try that one and I don't have much money and time at the moment with being at university. I might try it when I have time though πŸ™‚

After trying to use my intuition a little more, I actually had go at creating my own healing grid after doing a bit of research about crystal properties.

In the Heart of the grid is where the rose quarts and hematite work together to distribute and amplify the healing energy from the surrounding crystals.

The grid itself represents the person.

The smallest square of crystals are directed towards the cancer, the heart of the matter; which contains Moonstone, Pink Fluorite, Orange Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli.
The larger square is directed to wards general healing and less important ailments which contains Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Citrine and Rhodonite. Note that the lapis lazuli is placed there because that is the general general area where the hernia is in the person's body.

I also placed a clear quartz at the top and a Smokey Quartz at the bottom to represent distributing the energy evenly across the chakras.

Also the crystals in the pic hadn't been cleansed/charged/programmed yet as this was just a plan πŸ™‚ What do you think?

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What strikes me most is the thought & intent that have gone into this grid and since "energy follows thought" then you are already sending energy to the issue before the crystals even get to work. Nice job!:D

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