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first colonic coming up - embarrasing question from newbie

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Hi forum,

I am currently on a weight loss programme. Making good progress and am considering to have a colonic as spring cleaning so to say esp. since I also changed my diet during the past weeks.

Anyways, I am a bit embarrassed to ask a therapist directly regarding this: I have had two colonic cleanses in the past (both open system) back in Germany. And each time when the nurse/practitioner gave me a brief pre-treatment check, they not only took my blood pressure but also my rectal temperature. For the reason of negative indication they said. I felt a bit embarrassing as I didn't quite expect to get a thermometer "up there" as well *blush*.

Ok, this was a few years back, would this still be standard practice say in a colonic practice/clinic in London?

Many thanks,


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Hi Ben - welcome to Healthypages :wave:

Well done with your weight loss - hope it continues to go well.

I'm not an expert on colonics, but I do know they do an overall assessment of you before starting the colonic (or definitely should do). Temperatures are usually taken orally in UK or in the ear in hospital, whereas it is common practice in Europe to use the rectal method - and they use it for medication much more than in UK! So, I doubt very much that you'll have a repeat experience here.

All the best

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I don't think it would have been a rectal thermometer check but a digital rectal check.

No-one needs to know rectal temp before a colonic but any colonic therapist should do a digital rectal check (i.e. briefly insert a finger) to ensure it is safe to insert the speculum tube.

They would be checking for internal piles, fissures, fistulas, muscle tone and general direction.

This should be done whenever seeing a client for the first time. If it doesn't happen you are not in a good place.

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Better to be safe than sorry!