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Colonic Hydrotherapy Training

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I have recently been thinking of perhaps training in colonic hydrotherapy. Are there any trained therapists out there who would care to share the experiences of their course and of practice ?

Was your course value for money ?

Did you feel that it prepared you properly for setting up on your own?

What was the back up and support mechanisms following your completion of the course ?

How well prepared do you feel you were to pick up on any potentially contraindicated conditions ?

What should I look for in a course to ensure that it is thorough and would produce a safe effective practitioner ?

Is there anything that you feel could have been improved upon in your training ?

What are the costs involved in setting up ? (I understand that there are different equipment systems)

Who would you seek insurance from ?

What are the main prejudices and problems that you face as a practitioner ?

And on a more personal note I have a 12 year old niece who has suffered with frequent constipation since she was tiny. In my opinion changes to her diet (not the best unfortunately) would probably benefit her tremendously but is she old enough to have colonic hydrotherapy and would it be adviseable or not ?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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I am not an 'irrigationist' but know that my local therapy centre that offers it will not treat anyone under 18. Your niece should really see a doctor or nurse for guidance - also simple massage may be of benefit to her, and dietary changes ought to be discussed too.

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I've used the search option and can't find any answers, so am refreshing this thread.

would be interested in training in the future.

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Try the I-ACT organisation. this is the only internationally recognised qualification. It is endorsed by celebrities such as Paris Hilton who was IACT Colon girl in 2006. Its the biggest and most well known globally although smaller organisations are here in the UK. Globally this one is the most recognised so you can travel anywhere with your qualification. I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy Training

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I trained here [url]Colonic Irrigation Training Courses | Colon Hydrotherapy | Nutrience Clinic[/url]

The lady is lovely and its a 5 day intensive course, you have to have some A&P backgroud but if not she trains in that too.

hope this helps 🙂

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I could only recommend ARCH.

To my knowledge the only CHNC reg people.

It is a 10 day course with very high criteria.


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Right now I am not having any idea related to it that's why here to get some knowledge.