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Help with Chiro situation....!

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Hello...I'd like to know anyones!! opinion on chiropractic spinal adjusments. I've been getting them done after finding out that I have a misaligned spine. My reaction to it is not too great. I have quite apprehensive feelings about it which I think sends not the best messages to my mind/body . Although my practitioner seems good and competent, and I have had some improvement.. though fleeting. The chiro approach seems rather violent and abrupt. I've read that its not really the spine cracking or anything but more of a realise of pressure in the back and joint...but I'm still concerned nonetheless!.


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Another's Chiros Opinion

Wow, I wish all patients would be so open that would be a great start. Firstly I would advise you to share your concerns with your chiropractor. I encourage my patients to be completely open about their emotional and physical experience of their treatment.

You are correct, the sound you hear when you get adjusted isn't bone it is the gas released from the joint space. I remember as a student I was amazed by the sound :eek:.

Chiropractic won't be for everyone although I feel many would benefit from its holistic approach. Some people never get over the sound and sometimes a less manual approach suits them so don't feel badly if that is you.

There are many different ways that your chiropractor can adjust your spine and if he or she knows how you are doing from your communication they can tailor the treatments to suit you.

It isn't unusual for it to take some time before you notice benefit. I usually find a small percentage (maybe 10% of people) take several weeks before their bodies really start to heal. It depends how long it took to get this way.

I hope that helps you.