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Sacred Soul
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Hi, I've just joined this forum and noticed the chiropractor section so thought I'd share an experience about this treatment.

The main one was my Dad who nearly ended up in a wheelchair his back was so bad, there were pictures of him literally bent to the side at like a 10am angle and that was the straightest he could get and he was in immense pain all the time.

After a year or two of chiropractic treatment every week he could finally stand up straight (more or less) and the pain was much less.

For my own experience I picked up a shoulder injury at the gym and the doctor told me to just rest it but it was getting worse so ended up going to a chiropractor who told me it had come out its socket and if I would have left it any longer I would have had a frozen shoulder - he cracked it back in place and gave me some exercises to do and it was fine in a few months.

What I'm trying to say is this treatment can be outstanding for certain ailments so worth a try.


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Hi Sam - Welcome to HealthyPages!

Yup, I agree that the chirpractor is much more able to sort out any skeletal problems than the Dr. My hubby who plays a lot of sport needs sorting out regularly (he's not too careful with himself at times!!). It's always his first port of call for skeletal problems.

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Agree I work alongside a Chiropractor and Osteopath and they are excellent. We work well together as sports massage can help maintain their treatment.

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I liked your post. Indeed, Chiropractors are the best in that kind of problems. Glad your dad's feeling much better than before. 🙂

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My chiro recommended I install a pull up bar in a doorway and when my back felt twingey to just hang. I often feel a little 'pop' as my back stretches out. I've started lifting my knees while hanging and that has increased my ab strength and your abs support your back.