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more infromation would be great

Lauren Alexandra
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Hello I am new to this forum and looking for as much advice as possible.

I have a background in teaching art and pottery within a mental health setting for the NHS. With the way the NHS is going I am finding that I am just not getting job satisfaction anymore therefor I'm looking for a change in career.

I have been doing a lot of research around becoming a beauty therapist and needed some unbiased help

I have looked at doing a level 2 with city and guilds at the local college and will be going to the open evening tomorrow night to find out more information. In the meantime I also looked at training with 'The Training room' which offer a level 2 and 3 training package which gives you an 'ITEC' qualification and a similar package is offered by 'Stonebridge careers services' where you will gain a IOA (RQF) diploma (level 2 and 3)

I am wondering whether anyone else has completed this training with any of the providers and could give me feedback or whether anyone knows a. the difference between the training i.e city and guilds, ITEC or RQF and which would be better or more recognised in the industry?

I want to make sure that after the cost and time commitment I am getting the best chance at getting a job at the end of it

Thanks in advance

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I would go for any training that puts you in a classroom with other students - so further education classes/C&G etc would be ideal. Avoid distance learning with a proverbial bargepole!

As for getting a job at the end of the training? That's a whole other subject!