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Acupressure/Massage Intro Courses

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Hi Everyone,

I'm considering on changing career and move into massage therapy and acupressure.
I have no experience with massage only by hobby which i must say i love.

I was looking on the internet to find a suitable massage intro course and later will take an acupressure course as this interest me most. I'm not sure if i can go directly to acupressure course as i know nothing on basic massage. Guess i need the basics first.

Unfortunately I don't know which school/college/certification is accredited. I'm based in London and looking for something to start this September on a part time basic.
Does anyone recommend any good course that will lead to an accredited certification which maybe in the future lead me to open my own practitioner? What are the standards to have to be a practitioner ? What level of certification do I need?

Also can someone explain the difference between the levels of the certifications and the difference between an ITEC and BTEC certification?

Any information will be much appreciate. Many thanks!!

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I have read your question , I think you can apply for short term course , there are so many medical institution who gives us short term course fro practice , and you can find with the help of internet , and also discussion from your friends for better suggestion

sorry I don't have any information about the difference between the levels of certifications , but if I got it , I will definitely tell you .