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please please help

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im scared and confused theres so much stuff i want to say and feel i cant till i can talk to some one experienced and in the know if any one can help please please contact me.

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RE: please please help

Are you looking for a psychiatrist????????? If so there are plenty wiling to help you out there....are you looking to learn about Wicca is that it? If so if you type it in your search you will find lots of web pages on it, and plenty of books...other then never stated what you were scared of....what you were confused about...and what things you wanted to say, in the know to what? Wicca? If you are confused about Wicca my opinion is ...go and read up on it and study it.

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RE: please please help

hi, what is it u need help in sweetie?

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RE: please please help

Hi angelfaith

sounds like you have a case of cold feet, in that case read and learn and talk to people on the net, but do not attempt to join a Coven in real life until you have some confidence

I'll repeat it again, do NOT do anything in the Craft you feel unhappy with, especially is someone is pressuring you. You take it at your pace.
Incidentally, you don't have to be in Coven to be a Witch.

Its also absolutely essential you learn how to protect yourself from malevolent spirits. Have a look thru the book list above, they all advise on Protection and how essential it is.

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RE: please please help

Hello Angelfaith

We really need to have some idea what it is that you need help with. If you can post a broad outline of your problem then that would help us a lot and we can advise/help if we can.