This side of me.
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This side of me.

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Hello, i am sorry i can not give my real name as much as i want too, but my identity i wish to be a secret so i can go on with my life the way it is.

But i have many many gifts/abbilitys.

i see ...

  • ghosts
  • preminisions
  • auras
  • i am also a witch

i have been like this at such a young age maybe since 5-6 and it is something my mum has tought me too control... i love my gift, something that really does make me myself... and unique and different from anyone else.. if anyone ever want's to know anything .. don't hesitate to ask :002:

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Hi Rainboweyes and welcome to Healthypages,

No worries about keeping your real name anonymous, many people do on the internet.

You'll find plenty of people on here who also have similar interests/abilities to your own, so please feel free to look around at the discussions and take part. We don't bite (well, most of the time anyway :D)

All Love and Reiki Hugs

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Welcome Rainboweyes,

I consider myself a witch. 🙂

Don't use my real name on here or most other sites. Those nearest and dearest to me know who I am though.

Love and Light

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Welcome to HP.. we are a lovely bunch (I think)

I wish that will learn from us, and we can learn from you.


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Welcome to HP. I'm interested in how you think you life will change if you did you post your real name here?