Thoughts on Turkey
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Thoughts on Turkey

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Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on Turkey. I am looking to go there in August this year with the family. Yes I know probably not a good idea as it will be sooo hot in August but have very little choice due to 6 weeks school holidays.

Haven't been there before so looking for recommendations on a good place to stay or also placed to avoid like the plague.


Joanne xx

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Some parts of Turkey are really lovely, I had an amazing holiday last summer (also in August - and yes it was hot but we spent lots of time in the pool and the sea so managed fine!)

Where are you thinking of going - any resorts in mind? We stayed at a lovely hotel about 10 km from Marmaris as we like get away from it all locations.

Are you looking to be somewhere busy and bustling or a more chilled out place?

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We Stayed in Hisaronu village, up the hill from Olu Deniz. Its a fantastic place to visit. I can recommend the following trips - Saklikent gore (with stop at the trout farm on the way.
12 islands boat trip - brilliant day out
Pammukale- very long trip but the ampithertre and cleopatras pools are wonderful.
Fethieye market - fake good galore ( all cheaper than Asda price apparantly!)
Ephesus - reuputed to be the birth places of the virgin Mary
Cappodocia to see the fairy chimneys
We visited 2 different turkish carpet places, a great experience
A proper turkish bath!!!
Take lots of mozzie repellant or you will get bitten to death. It is very hot and humid country, where we stayed a few women went topless or wore next to nothing, but It is more respectful to be more modest as it is a muslim country
Watch out for turkish tummy! allthough I didnt get it lots did.
Just be prepared to eat very well, be made very welcome, amazed at how green it is, just a wonderful amazing country:)

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I had never been to Turkey two years ago and got a good deal for my family and thought I would give it a go. It was just one of those places that had never resonated with me. Well I have been back three times since then. I loved the people, the atmosphere, the friendliness and the whole experience. We have stayed in Marmaris and Icemeler and loved them boh. Marmaris is very busy but the children (ages 10,14,15,19) loved it. The only thing I would say is to be careful of the ridiculous charges from the holiday reps when booking trips. We had fantastic boat trips for an eighth of the price quoted from them so shop around.
Cant be more positive about somewhere. We never had a bad experience with anyone or anything on each of the trips.
If you go I hope you have a lovely time
Love and Light

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Re: Turkey

I visited Turkey in October. We went to Istanbul, Capadocia just beautiful. would love to visit other parts of Turkey. Must visit place although very expensive.